6 November

LVL Lash Review

I have long, but dead straight, eyelashes.
I have tried a multitude of ways to make them curl; expensive curlers, expensive curlers warmed by the hairdryer, I’ve spent a fortune on every mascara that claims to achieve lift, volume and curl in a single application, but in a blink (excuse the pun), they’re straight again.

LVL, exclusive to Nouveau Lashes, give you the lift to your lashes you’ve always desired – it’s double what you’d ever achieve with a curler. It’s your own lashes, but better!

Within an hour, highly-skilled lash technician Sharon at Robin James in Sherborne, had delicately and professionally transformed my lashes into a look that would transform my morning routine into a low maintenance affair. At Robin James, they want the same gorgeous result as you – beautiful lashes, ultimate eyes. The treatment itself feels strange – particularly if you’ve never had them done before – but not uncomfortable. My lashes were carefully combed onto a specially designed shield and the LVL product lifts, curls, and then tints them from the root.
The results were striking, and totally divine.

The aftercare lash conditioning serum was a surprising extra. Containing a complex blend of multi-vitamins and conditioning actives, this new and improved conditioning serum is the ultimate conditioner for lashes (and brows). It’s the perfect aftercare item for LVL treatment, and the hypoallergenic formulation is gentle on even the most sensitive eyes, like mine.

These lashes are for women with little time in the morning – the working mothers with other people to get ready in the morning prior to the school run (like me); they’re for women who want the ease of a ready-to-go look, 24-7; they’re for the women who want to make older eyes more youthful; they’re perfect for brides, for going to the gym, for mascara free beach-days and for the generally lash-obsessed. It’s no wonder lash lifts are as popular as nail bars; you wake up looking like Twiggy with absolutely no effort required! What could possibly be better?!

Nouveau Lashes will lift natural lashes for 6 to 8 weeks; this is my 5th week and my lashes are still very much curled and continue to look as though I am wearing mascara. They still make my eyes look wide open and my blue eye colour still pops against the tint. Having had several compliments, I am a total lash lift convert; for Length, Volume and Lift – LVL – make these your all year-round gift to yourself.

Written by Lizzie Watson