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Lumity Life

We’re delighted to announce that Lumity Life products are now available at our Poole and Sherborne salons.

These clinically-studied, nutrient-rich supplements are designed for optimum health and beauty and redefine ageing. To help you master the ups and downs of daily life, the comprehensive supplement range gives you the right nutrients to make you look and feel your best every day. Created by renowned scientist Sara Palmer Hussey PhD, Lumity Life restores, repairs and sustains youth at a deep cellular level. The clinically-proven formulas support healthy ageing and boost your immune system. 

The facial oils and supplements for women and men are easily integrated into a hectic lifestyle: Lumity Life is based on a unique combination of day and night nutrients to give your body what it needs at every time of the day. All Lumity products are cruelty-free and committed to sustainability. 

If you are curious to try it yourself visit our salons and spas to purchase Lumity Life products or buy them from the Lumity Life online shop 24/7.

We also offer an exclusive discount code for all Robin James clients:

If buying online you’ll enjoy 30% off your first order when you use the code ‘RJ30‘ at checkout…

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